Hello! My name is Kimberly, (aka Red Moth). I am a graphic /web designer, an illustrator and an artist,based here in Austin,TX. Lot’s of hats to wear huh?

With the plentiful indie filmmakers here in this ‘weird’ city, I’ve been able to create storyboards, production art, fashion illustration and even poster creation and movie promotional art/website.

My work includes creating branding/identity and promo work for local businesses. Which also includes brochures, posters and related material.

On a more creative side, I’ve illustrated children’s books for various clients and hope to one day illustrate my own stories cooking up in my brain.

I’m also a substitute art instructor teaching people pencil drawing, painting with acrylics, watercolors, oils and even cartooning.

So then, what can I create for you today?

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