Watercolor Miniatures – Nature

In an effort to up my watercolor landscape skills, I decided to make a few nature watercolor paintings. Each one is about 4×5. I recently discovered wax resist sticks, they are a godsend!  They really helped with the white space especially in such a small area.

Also a small sized brush plus a mini watercolor paint set was used. Which one do you like the best?


To create distance, use the strongest pigments for the subject closest to the viewer. In this case the purple flowers. Water down the paint and form more so to give the illusion of being farther away.

Cabin on the Lake

Doing reflections use to be a challenge for me, but the secret is mirror the above world and then soften the edges. Using wet on wet techniques will add to the water-iness of the piece.

Mountain Forest

I first took a wax resist stick and  “painted” and area in the middle of the sky and a then added a few scrapes in the middle of the hills. It added the little bit of reflection from the light in the sky. I also added more blue,black and deep green to edges of the work to create a vignette. See how the focus of the piece is the green hill,trees,mountains and light in the middle?

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