Posters of Fine Art Events Pt. 1

Anybody out there enjoy the ballet? or Opera? While these genres of entertainment tend to have the reputation of being ‘snobbish’, I don’t agree. The performances themselves are breathtaking and really show the talents of the human body and voice.

I’m no critic or scholar though,more of a casual fan. So I would totally lose on a game of Fine Art Trivia. To pay homage to this art, here’s a collection of posters I created, that features well known ballet or an opera.

I first created the main illustration by hand, scanned it in, altered it digitally and added the appropriate text. Which one and version do you prefer?

Madame Butterfly Version 1

Madame Butterfly Event Poster – Version 1

So for this version, I illustrated Cio-Cio san from the back focusing on her hair and collar of her kimono. A red butterfly tattoo ties in her name, while the color hints at her sad fate. The brushstrokes are quick, light and heavily inspired by sumi-e painting.

Madame Butterfly Version 2

Madame Butterfly Event poster – Version 2

For version two, I only focused on the short sword of Cio-Cio san instead of her. The lower half is dipped in blood that drips to form a butterfly. This version is cleaner, less cluttered and more direct. The short sword, and blood butterfly hint at the tragedy that befalls the poor Madame Butterfly.

Swan Lake Version 1

Swan Lake Poster Version 1

For this version, I illustrated by hand Odette, the tragic (depending on the version) version of Swan Lake. This version is more dramatic and busy, featuring a close up of her face. Her makeup is bold, but her expression sad. Her wings are white that symbolize her pure heart, but the slowly are turning from white to gray to black. The black feathers hint at Odile, the treacherous dopple ganger who (temporarily) confuses the love of her life, Prince Zeigfried.


Swan Lake Version 2

Swan Lake Ballet Poster – Version 2

Version 2 is more somber and toned down in comparison. This version features the lower half of Odette en pointe. Her tutu is made of delicate, wispy feathers whiter than snow. Sadly, two fallen feathers black as night hint at the sad,dark future our heroine must endure at the hands of the dark Odette. The background color is a deep blue to add more atmosphere to the work.

Each version gives a different spin to the performance, which do you prefer?

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