Snake Soul Mates – Children’s Book Illustrations

Soul mates is not something I believe in. I don’t believe that you are made for just one person and they for you and that the universe wills that you be together. And then, your lives are forever charmed from that point forward. But, I do believe in love.

Snakes get a bad rap, they’re said to be slimy, angry, and heartless. Science has shown them to be the opposite. In fact, their skin is scaly and dry, their disposition is cautious and many snake mothers take great pains to ensure the safety of their nest.

So, whose to say that snakes can’t have their own great love story? That’s the story behind these two. Dulce and Jasper were childhood friends since the moment they hatched. Adventures, memories, misunderstanding contribute and at times strain their relationship. As they grow up and mature, they slowly develop their own identities and love for each other.

That’s what “soulmates” really means. Transforming into someone’s true love.   Manuscript is in progress.

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