Dino Explorers – Children’s Book Illustration

Kids love dinosaurs. Seriously, remember back when you were a kid, you loved dinosaurs. You could not only name, but pronounce all of those different species. Perfectly.

Apatosaurus. Tyrannosaurus rex. Velociraptor.Stegasaurus. Ankylosaurus. Pterodactyl. Allosaurus . Razanandrongobe sakalavae.

Now as an adult, I call them Long-Neck Plant-Eating One, T-Rex ( the only one I know), Evil Chicken Ancestor, Spiky Heavy One, Stumpy Knubbed One, Flying Huge Beak, Cousin of the T-Rex, Terrifying Crocodile Ancestor, and so on.

So what’s better than dinosaurs for kids? Being able to go back in time with your best friend to explore them! Two BFF’s get the chance to go back in time to hang with their favorite species!

-painted by hand with Japanese watercolors

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