Madame Butterfly Event Poster Version 1
Madame Butterfly Event Poster Version 2
Viper Fangs - Pizzeria and Brewery Logo
Moonscape Comics Logo
Miss Mayweather - Memories in Sepia Album Art
Swan Lake - Ballet Event Poster
Swan Lake - Event Poster Version 2
Shuriken Snowboarding Logo
Hidden Graffiti Illustration
By Kimmie Logo/Motif for Business Card
Lost Little Coral Children's Book Illustration
The Investigation of a Time Traveler Movie Poster
Blue Jays Music and Bistro Logo
In Stiches Album Art Cover
Caiyo - Children's Book Illustration
Black Patterned Kimono - Fashion Illustration
Photophan Magazine Cover Layout
NRCD - Welcome to the Chocolate Factory Album Art
Dueling Chaos Album Art
Bloom London- Beauty Business Layout Cover
Red Blossom Breeze
Capitol Home Health Double Sided Flyer
Rise - Poem Illustration
Zen Girl - Pastel Illustration
Dreamer - Poem Illustration
Flower Bud - Poem Illustration
Hanging Bag - Pastels
Butterfly Pastel Drawing
Blue Daisy - Pastels
Frog on a Leaf - Acrylic Painting
Sailboat with Teal Sails -Watercolors
Korean Castle - Watercolors
Indigo Bird - Watercolors
Duckling - Watercolor
Autumn Barn - Watercolors
Cloudy Harbor - Watercolors
Wildflowers - Watercolor Painting
Seal Perched on Small Cliff - Pencil Illustration
Marina - Pencil Illustration
Tiger Profile - Pencil Drawing
Oyster and Pearl - Pencil Illustration
Macaw Head - Pencil Illustration
Modern Mayan Woman and Child - Pencil Illustration
Profile of Young Man - Pencil Illustration
Portrait of Young Woman - Pencil Illustration
Carrot Topped Princess
Jade Dreams - Manga Cover Illustration
Hot Pink Mist - Frangrance Illustration
Hanfu - Pink and Yellow - Watercolor Fashion Illustration
Belstaff Fall 2017 Look 1 - Menswear Fashion Illustration
Iceberg Fall 2016 2017 Look 12 - Menswear Fashion Illustration
Iceberg Fall 2016 2017 Look 16 - Menswear Fashion Illustration
Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2017 - Menswear Fashion Illustration
Giorgio Armani Fall 2017 Look 4 - Fashion Illustration Menswear
Lardini Fall 2017 - Menswear Fashion Illustration
All is Pink and Peaceful - Fragrance Illustration
Softly Dreaming - Gouache Illustration, painted by hand
Lady Orchid - Perfume Editorial
Belly Dancer - Gouache Illustration - Fashion Illustration
Ocean Curls - Fashion Illustration
Blue Phase - Editorial Illustration
Mehndi Dancer - Editorial Illustration
Celebration - Editorial Illustration
Hiding - Watercolor Illustration
Cherry Blond Heroine
Goldilocks - Graphic Novel/Fashion Illustration
Hindustani Beauty - Pencils and Ink Side by Side
Hindustani Beauty - Colored Version
Graphic Novel Pencils and Inks - Zeinah
Hero is Overcoming Obstacles - First a series of Children's Book Illustrations. Fairy Tale Calculus : The Cook's Apprentice
Dude (Side by Side Comparison) - Graphic Novel Character Illustration
Princess of the Cardinals
Autumn Princess - Childrens Book Illustration
Princess of Marshes
Princess of Feathers - Children's Book Illustration
Bamboo Forest Warrior - Children's Book Illustration
Keeper of the Roses - Children's/YA Book Illustration
Swimming With Fishes - Editorial Illustration
Strawberry Lemonade - Editorial Illustration
Queen of the Deep Sea
Sample Page for Children's Book - done in Watercolors
Ozzy the Otter - Page 1
Princess Melanie Saves the Day - Page 6
Page 8 of Ten Little Birds
Froggie on a Lilly Pad - Children's Book Illustration
Princess Melanie Saves the Day - Cover
Extreme Close Up Storyboard Panels
Airport Scene 03 – Storyboard Illustration
Airport Scene 02 - Storyboard Illustration
Airport Scene 01 - Storyboard Illustration
Runway Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Tom Ford – Fashion Illustration
Runway Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Zuhair Murad– Fashion Illustration
Runway Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Oscar de la Renta – Fashion Illustration
Runway Spring 2017 Ready to Wear Valentino– Fashion Illustration
Runway Spring 2017 Ready to Wear Lanvin – Fashion Illustration
Runway Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Elie Saab – Fashion Illustration
Runway Spring 2017 Couture Elie Saab – Fashion Illustration
Runway Fall 2017 Couture Elie Saab – Fashion Illustration
Friends Selfie Inked Manga Illustration
Mini Miss - Manga Illustration
Blue Kimono - Manga Illustration
Best Sister Friends (Color) -Manga Style Illustration
Manga Illustration Chinese Princess
Manga Girl in Shortened Kimono
My Butterfly Friend and Me - Manga Character Illustration
Colored Pencil Manga Girls
Skyscrapers in Clouds - Acrylic Painting
Rainbow Macaws - Acrylic Paintings
Red Jellyfish - hand drawn with color pencils
Colored Marbles - Color Pencils
Japanese Shrine - Color Pencils
Blue Wren - Watercolors
Shadow Betta - Charcoals
Clownfish - Acrylic
Boat in Sunset - Acrylic
Bamboo - Acrylic Painting
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly - Acrylic Painting
Summer Girl - Oil Painting
Young Alligator Head - Oil Pastels
Desi Girl - Oil Painting
Gothikal Cosmetics Logo
Color Web Ad for Day Trader Manipulators - Vector Illustration
Pencil Sketch for Ad - Sketch for Day Trade Manipulators Ad
Jimmy Rockit Logo - Vector Logo for Exotic Leather Goods Company
JLR Architecture Logo
Aging and Depression Editorial Illustration
The Brain and Emotions - Editorial Illustration
Lady Bugs Vs Asian Lady Beetles Editorial Illustration
How We Filter External Events and Behave - Whiteboard Illustration
Leary's Rose Interpersonal Circumplex - Whiteboard Illustration
Funneling Conflict for Management - Whiteboard Illustration
Three Separate Brains - Whiteboard Illustration
The Stroll - Graphic Novel Single Panel Illustration
Street Dancer Colored- Graphic Novel Illustration
Street Dancer Inked - Graphic Novel
Street Dancer - Graphic Novel Pencil Work
Teracotta Child - Children's Book Illustration
Color Sample for Children's Book Tanzania - Children's Book Illustration
Childhood Sweetheart Elephants - Children's Book Illustration
Green Birdy Buddies - Children's Book Illustration
Tea Drinking Friends - Children's Book Illustration
Kibo Character Art - Children's Book Illustration
Balloons - Fashion Illustration
Chandelier Earrings - Fashion Illustration
Peridot Earrings - Fashion Illustration , Four Views
Black Handbag - 3/4 View
Pink Blue Jeweled Clutch - 3/4 View
Red Fedora - Fashion Illustration
Cherry Red Pony Tail - Fashion Illustration
My Creole Gal - Fashion Illustration
Kate Spade New York - Spring ' 17 - Fernanda Ly - Pom Tassel Earrings - Fashion Illustration
Copperhead - Hair Stye Illustration
Golden Scarf - Fashion Illustration
Gray Ruffle Evening Dress - Fashion Illustration
One Shoulder Strap Black Evening Dress - Fashion Illustration
One Shoulder Marigold Evening Dress - Fashion Illustration
Strapless Emerald Green Dress - Fashion Illustration
Pink Ombre Evening Dress - Fashion Illustration
Runway Spring 2017 Ready to Wear Tommy Hilfiger - Fashion Illustration
Teal Jacket - Fashion Illustration
I Feel Pretty - Chocolate Bar Packaging
I'm Ticked Off - Chocolate Bar Packaging
I'm Need A Pick Me Up - Chocolate Bar Packaging
I'm Feelin' Deep Man - Chocolate Bar Packaging
I'm Feeling Blue - Chocolate Bar Packaging
Sun Waves - Acrylic Illustration
Bliss- Acrylic Illustration
Confetti Ballerina
Rosas Mexicanas - Acrylic Painting
Blue Gerbera Daisies - Acrylic Painting
Tiger Lillies - Acrylic Painting
Jenny And Zipporah - Character Concept Sketch
Rock Crab -Children's Book Illustration
Pink Bunny 1 - Children's Book Illustration
Yellow Dragon - Character Design for Children's Book
My Little Warthog- Character Illustration
Chemicals in Candy Editorial Illustration
Mikkel Torv - Cobalt Album Art
Sakura Fashion Label - Logo
Web Design Dead! - Layout Design
Modello Fashion Magazine Cover
Squid's Skate Shop Logo
Swanks Lounge Logo