Runway Menswear 2017 – My Favorite Looks Illustrated

I’ll admit that I don’t draw or paint men very often. Mainly because my skills weren’t really up to par for the longest time. To change that, I decide to pick my favorite pieces from the menswear runway of 2017. That way I could combine my love and skills as a fashion illustrator with a new challenge. And I’m happy to say, that I enjoyed the process.

Just like with the women’s wear runways, I’m more of a clothes enthusiast rather than a fashion insider. You won’t see any of my quotes on Vogue anytime soon, I’m afraid. 🙂

Regardless of my (puny) influence, I did find different looks from various designers that I liked. Whether it was because the clothes were fun, chic or just really complemented the model well, here are my favorites.

First the official photo is presented and then my illustration, which was done by hand with gouaches. Clicking on either one will give you more info.

So if you’re a man/boy/somewhere in between, what sort of clothes,styles or brands do you like to wear? Any brands I should check out to illustrate next? Let me know in the comments!

Belstaff Fall 2017 Look 1


Kicking this off with a casual look, I liked Belfast’s Fall lineup this year. The looks are all classically masculine with a rugged, working man inspiration but have a polished feel to them. The worn brown leather airmen style jacket here was too nice not to illustrate.

Iceberg Fall 2016 2017 Look 12

Yes, yes I’m a little late here as this was the 2016/2017 Fall line, but it still makes the cut. This line was full of fun colors that blended late 80s/early 90s nostalgia.  The bright blue puffer jacket and bright striped edging along with skater hair made me smile.

Iceberg Fall 2016 2017 Look 16

Couldn’t just illustrate one from this line, I had to do just one more. Continuing the trend of pops of bright color, this look featured a black hoodie with the colored stripes running across the middle and the sides of the sleeves. It added fun to an otherwise dark color palette.

Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2017 Look 1

Never did I think there was a way to make sweatpants look chic. Well, I stand corrected. This man wears a turtleneck mind you, not even Steve Jobs made that look stylish, no offense. And yet, this guy makes it work.

Lardini Spring Summer 2017

This Italian-based and made line really makes menswear look elegant with a few small twists to keep things interesting. I liked this look the best, though there were plenty to choose from! Simple but timeless.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2017 Neo-Classics

Wow! That’s all I could say, this look was my favorite and with good reason. Man-chicness personified! There’s a reason why Giorgio Armani’s name is synonymous with polish and refinement. This model looks absolutely dapper in this blue suit and deep purple jacket.