Evening Wear Fashion Illustration Set – Traditional Mediums

Although, I’ve never really been to a swanky soirée that would require such fabulous, floor length evening wear, I’ve created several illustrations that would certainly make the “High Society Best Dressed List”.

All of these were illustrated by hand, using different traditional mediums such as gouache (my favorite and scans in beautifully!),watercolors, pencil, etc.

Darlings, which ones do you like the best, and at where would you be wearing them? For example, I’d be decked out in the Pink Ombré Chiffon  Layered Dress when I show up to accept my Best Leading Illustrator Award. But, then I’d change into the One Shoulder Marigold Silk Dress to wear at the after party. 😀 lol

One Shoulder Marigold Raw Silk Dress . Painted by hand with Gouaches.
Pink Ombré Asymmetrical Chiffon Layered Evening Dress- Painted by hand with Japanese watercolors and gouaches.
Gray Tiered Ruffle Dress – Painted by hand with watercolors and gouaches.
One Shoulder Black Satin Dress- Painted by hand with gouaches, color pencils, pastels and watercolors.
Strapless Emerald Green Cocktail Length Evening Dress – Painted by hand with gouaches, color pencils and chalk pastels.