Desi Girl – From Sketches to Finished Painting – (Part 2)

As promised here she is! Finally finished just in time for the Soho Urban Artist Fall Art Contest.

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As with any painting, it took several stages to finally get to completion. But it was totally worth it!

Desi Girl – Completed

I was inspired by the ‘Blue City’ of Jodphur, Rajasthan. The city is known for houses that have been painted lovely hues of blue. The shadows and highlights in her hair match the deep cobalt of the intricately carved  wooden door she stands in front off. To add extra pop, the complementary color orange is used for her choli blouse and her jewelry, Her blouse is made different orange tints/shades to  create texture.

The painting is 11×14 and made with oils on canvas board.

I’m considering creating a series featuring other ‘Desi Girls’ from different parts of India. Which city should I  be inspired by next?

Anyhow, what do you think?

Desi Girl – From Sketches to Finished Painting – (Part 1)

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at paintings? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve memorized by heart the artists of the Impressionistic period or think that your napkin doodles are pretty snazzy.

Everybody likes to look at paintings right? It’s even more fascinating to see the stages of any painting.  The initial layers may not be impressive, maybe even ugly to some. But, each new layer adds a little more depth to the previous and viola! It’s complete and it’s glorious.

When you’re the one creating the painting, it’s a both a joyful and stressful process.

Here’s the collection of steps  taken to create my latest painting ” Desi Girl”. This will be entered into an art contest, staying hopeful.

11×14 – Oils on Canvas Board

Desi Girl – Pencil Sketch 1
Desi Girl – Pencil Sketch 2
Desi Girl – Under Painting
Desi Girl – Second Layer
Desi Girl – Third Layer
Desi Girl – Fourth Layer

Stay tuned for the final layer!

I Put Together All of the Peaceful Girls I’ve Painted All in One Place

I originally posted in Bored Panda a collection of work I had completed. The main theme was peaceful moments. Feel free to see the original post above or read on! 🙂

Peaceful moments are hard to come by, regardless of who we are. We all have some way of searching for such moments. Yet, if they won’t come to you, maybe one can create theme.

Each girl created was portrayed to be in a state of deep tranquility and they paid it forward by putting me, the artist into a similar state! That’s the power of blending art with happiness.

Though each illustration was created at a different time and features different mediums and back stories.Each ‘girl’ had essentially the same theme in mind. Inner peace, contentment and a quiet happiness.

All pieces were painted by hand using gouaches, watercolors, acrylics and inks.

More info:

Softly Dreaming – Gouache

Peaceful Thoughts – Acrylic

Bliss – Acrylic

Calmly – Acrylic

Sage – Acrylic

Serene – Acylic

Lady Orchid – Gouache

All is Pink and Peaceful – Gouache

Autumn Breeze – Gouache

New Look for 2017!

To start the new year fresh, I updated my site. That included not just slimming down my portfolio and adding relevant content but changing the look of the site itself! It used to be a black background, black background header and black background main graphic.

While it looked cool and chic, I’ve been using that scheme for almost 4 years now. Time for a change. White backgrounds make the text easier to read, as well as makes the site look a bit more minimalist.

The graphics are very similar, the header is basically the same. The main graphic was re-illustrated and the colors were changed. What do you think? Do you prefer the old one or the new?

Main Home Page Graphic  & Header – Old & New

Old Main Graphic
New Main Graphic Design










Old Banner Header


New Banner Design